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Accounting & Bookkeeping

A professional bookkeeping agency can handle a series of the accounting work ranging from accounting to bookkeeping through tax declarations for your company. In general, the company only needs to hire a cashier to be in charge of the daily receivables and payables as well as property custody. The bookkeeping service has been enjoying increasing popularity among more and more companies. A number of small-and-medium-sized companies rely on the bookkeeping service. As a professional bookkeeping agency, Wo Shengfu Consulting is your best choice.

• No interruptions in the accounting work
• Timely and accurate tax declarations
• The accountants have good ethics and skills
• No need to consider the accountant’s salary, housing, medical and social insurance as well as any other benefits
• Avoid the unnecessary economic losses caused by changes in accounting personnel
• Professional services offered by multiple accountants are only at the cost of one or even less than one hired accountant.
Our Services
• Review original vouchers
• Complete bookkeeping vouchers
• Make financial statement
• Complete tax returns and make tax declarations on time
• Latest information of tax policies
• Daily Q&A service