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Audit & Assurance

Wesfo understands the importance of customer service in audit and assurance. Professional courtesy and manners cost little, though are often forgotten by many when performing their work. Our teams are geared towards customer satisfaction and to enhance our relationship with our customers so the journey to assist businesses will run as efficiently and effectively as possible.
Additionally we offer comprehensive audit services for both local and overseas reporting requirements including restatement of accounts for GAAP and IAS compliance, Business Performance Assessments (BPA), and we are also authorised to issue audit reports on financial statements.
Our audit teams work closely with you to understand your business and vision. We review every aspect of your internal and external factors, from systems and internal processes to environmental factors, allowing our audit teams to precisely assess the associated risks and form a definitive solution to seize opportunities for our clients. This careful process is the basis of our recommendations for improving and strengthening your business operations. Conclusively we provide a convenient internal audit letter of observations and recommendations for improving and strengthening the financial and business operations of our clients.
Our success in audit and assurance is rooted from Wesfo’s trusted professionals and our wide international experience to help businesses grow.